Year: 2018

Location: Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion 66

Client: ROSIZO

Area: 2300 sq.m.

Status: Concept


The project proposes to set up a temporary pop-up platform for hosting summer events: concerts, theatrical performances, lectures and exhibitions. A summer cafe with a bar zone is to be placed in the inner yard.


The solution to create multi-leveled constructions can be fixed by facing the existing surface with wooden decking on metal framework.

Current state

Common view of the exterior space

Modification of the space scheme


We propose to create the "action platforms" in the space of lateral non-functioning fountains. Cascading multileveled amphitheatres can be adjusted for hosting various events dedicated to art and relaxation. These places are set for theatrical performances, concerts, masterclasses and lectures. Although they are just as good for idle time-spending on a hot Moscow summer day. The forming console observing platforms provide a great view of a rotunda and the main pavilion entrance, which becomes a good spot for a memory photo.

The cafe zone is situated in side spaces of the courtyard near the rotunda and the fountain. The arrangement allows to partially conceal the bar and keep it away from the main facade. An important and recognizable feature is the decorative pattern on upper planes of the "cube-modules". Cafe seating is arranged in several zones: the bar, where visitors rest by the bar stand, and the lounge zone with sofa groups, which is mobile and can be re-composed depending on the visitors' needs.