Year: 2007

Area: 120 sq.m.

Стадии: Contest — Winner

Team: Aleksey Afonichkin, Denis Pojidaev

Model "apartment + country house" is very attractive for modern citizens. According to the model, a person visits their garden plot once a week, mostly in the summertime.


The contest for Russia's local architects and designers "Autonomous house. Country house of the XXI century", held by Project Russia magazine, suggested a hard task - to design a completely self-sufficient residential house.

Pure natural landscape is a dream of a tired citizen.

People escape from cities to enjoy fresh air and bird song.

Our design makes it possible to combine settlements and landscape. There will be enough of nature for everybody.

When an owner leaves the place on workdays, the closed house looks like a flat surface.

Only ventilation pipes will help find the house in winter.

1. In a closed state the house is inaccessible for intruders;

2. Power and weight of the car will bring the house to transform;

3. The system lifts up the solar panels and opens the underground courtyards;
4. The car is put into the underground garage;

5. The summer residence is ready to welcome guests.

In the summer the design imples the active using of open space between the solar panels.

This is a place where people and nature get connected.

In winter the house is warmed up by the ground and not affected by wind cooling.

The underground part consists of two closed courtyards and the house itself.

Here, the Old Russian traditions of wooden housing and the modern technology intertwine.

Norman Foster — member of the "Autonomous house. Country house of the XXI century" contest committee.