Year: 2013

Area: 3 sq.m.

Status: Concept

Anti-stress «O2» module is a self-sufficient cabin, constructed of metal framework and faced with wooden timber bars and glass panels, complemented by a natural green wall inside. «O2»’s aim is to provide comfort and stress relief in short-term use. Module is supposed to be placed indoors, suits best in public places or office open-spaces. 

Dim lighting, comfortable sofa-bench, relax music and a whiff of natural plants aim to recharge one’s vitality and zing up new energy.

Volume building concept scheme

Anti-stress «O2» module is not really for entertainment, but an effective way to boost your worker's (and your own) productivity in condition of stressful environment.

Exploded scheme

Module’s interior

Module fitting in interior

Module fitting in exterior



Architectural bureau A4 are concerned about any form of cooperation in terms of “Anti-stress “O2” module” project, and looking for partners interested in the proposal.