Year: 2017

Location: Fryazino town

Client: Private investments

Area: 190 sq.m.

Status: Concept + Detailed Documentation


Project's idea is about creating a unified space, well displayed from its entrance. Radial layout of the parlor zone and a common open space of a hair salon invites a coming-by visitor. A lounge zone, linked with a nail bar, serve as an important addition. Design solutions complement zoning of the space, amplify and draw visitor's attention.

What an entering client senses?


The very first thing about the salon is its cozy atmosphere. This athmosphere is set with natural facing materials of the interior - wood, metal and glass. Warm illumination complement the vibe of the salon.

What's on a departing client's mind?


When finished with the procedures, one might have a delicious cup of cappuccino. Resting in comfortable lounge zone, a visitor recalls of the parlor's dignities, among the virtue of hair professionals and additional clients services.

What's a client's desire to return?


Places like such draw round a unique companionship of those, who value and embrace the modern society trends. It is a unique place, which aims to become an attraction spot for the town and its surroundings.