Year: 2018

Location: Moscow, Komsomolskaya 2

Client: Private investments

Area: 1000 sq.m.

Status: Concept

Team: Aleksey Afonichkin, Sergey Markov, Konstantin Tarabanov, Aleksandra Barmushkina, Anastasia Medvedeva


Historic restaurant hall of Kazansky railway station was designed and built by architect Schusev in the 20's of the XX century. The development of the hall though has commenced before the October Revolution, which explains the enriched baroque decoration. Plafonds of the ceiling are adorned with murals by Lansere. The hall is astonishing in its enormousness and splendor.

Present and operating content of the space is a high-comfort lounge, in fact represented by vast rows of worn out furniture.

The idea is to create blocks - boxes of rooms in the hall center to organize and zone out the space in a proper way.


The boxes displace the repeated rows of seats and create a space scaled for people.


The blocks of boxes are placed remote from the walls so the historic interiors remain untouched.


Applied glass partitions allow light, coming through the large windows, to penetrate the boxes.

New concept of the business-lounge proposes creating a multifunctional platform for different people's stay and task solving.