Year: 2018

Location: (first spot) Moscow, Vyatskaya 27, business center Favoria

Client: Private investments

Area: 45 sq.m.

Status: Concept


In a modern world all processes speed up. Everyone devotes a significant amount of their time to work and commitments, yet occasionally forgets to have a snack. It can sometimes be inconvenient to go out for lunch break. Expecting for a waiter to bring their order takes a bunch of time, and in a modern world time is the most precious resource.


Changes in the modern lifestyle depend on the basic essentials, a need in nutrition in particular. Even though diners open on every corner, they are often just chain cafes with no soul and atmosphere.


Our aim is to establish a fundamentally new type of food consumption, which is based on the edge of culture and trends. The different part about the new template is adjusting to customers and their needs. It is a fast food restaurant with features of a full-fledged cafe - a takeaway with wide selection of goods. It is a place where service staff speaks a common language with the clients, a site with its atmosphere and culture. 


The original and memorable cube-corner with sandwiches makes the brand identified and easy-scaled in perspective of the chain thrift.