Year: 2019

Location: Moscow, VDNH (Pavilion 75)

Client: Gurevich Team

Area: 15 000 sq.m.

Status: Completed

Project team:

ANO "My District" (organiser);

Darya Nikolskaya (curator, organiser);

Yulia Davydova (curator, organiser);

Gurevich Team (construction contractor);

Maria Tovbina (art director);

Architectural Burea A4;

TO "Made in Moscow"; Vasiliy Biryukov;

Gleb Paul; Install-profi;

Alexander Zavgorodniy; Elkruff

Fabrika ART; Orion Art

Evgeny Shiryaev; Life-sound

AB A4 team: Sergey Markov, Aleksey Afonichkin, Anastasia Medvedeva, Ksenia Maximova, Ekaterina Mezentseva, Kira Tarbajeeva, Anna Golikova


Project implementation of the "City: Details" Exhibition was developed by a vast team of professionals, we were invited to participate in architectural planning and solution design part.


An ambitious task in short term was to recreate an actual urban environment - to show new and progressive small architecture forms within the Moscow mayor's programme "My District" went successful.


The space of the pavilion is unfolded as a city pattern with various zones, situated around the "center of attraction" and along the green boulevard — the main path of the exhibition. The whole exhibition is interactive: the showpieces can be tested and tried out, most of the zones consist of exhibits exclusively.


It was important to display not only the exhibits themselves, but also the trends of city environment development — whether a playground, a game zone or a city cafe.


Art installation of media cubes meets visitors at the entrance. The cube's media panels display recent changes in a picked district. Structure of the exhibition development is bionic and natural, consonant with modern landscape and park city architecture.


Central place and a communicative center of the exposition — the "center of attraction" with an amphitheatre, is surrounded by a night city zone. The wall, dividing the zones, also serves as an enormous media screen. 


The exhibition took place on 3-5 october 2019 in VDNKh's pavilion №75. The numerous small architectural forms, such as benches, lanterns, bus stops, litter bins were displayed. Guests of the exhibition got a chance to vote for best ideas, therefore see them in the city streets soon.