Year: 2014

Location: Moscow,

Horoshevskoye highway 33/1

Client: TPS Real Estate

Area: 112 700 sq.m.

Status: Concept

According to the clients wish, the facade was designed reffering to Benoy company sketch project. Main plastic decision of the facade is a glass bionic cover, placed over the main facade as its second unheated contour. Dynamic form of the shell emphasises the superior dominant of the entry group, situated on the crossroad of Horoshevskoye highway and an adjacent road. Unified facade solution creates a wholesome image of the shopping center. Plasticity of the facade decision is best perceived in motion - when observed from a moving car.

Main idea behind the design was creating a rememberable and well-known image of the shopping mall, achieved by its original architecture. The building aims to become a symbol of the district of Moscow where it is situated.


Landscape design of the site enhances the impression of dynamic movement in the building volume. Pattern of the paving and built-in linear illumination emphasize direction inward the complex. Along the Horoshevskoye highway a repeated landscape element is being used. The object is a wave-shape concrete form, with lawn, shrubs and wildflowers planted within. The chosen small architectural form creates a natural protection from the noisy highway and raises chamber atmosphere for the visitors. A few playing fountains are placed in front of the main entrance. Their set fits into the outline of the square pavement.