Year: 2018

Location: Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion 66

Client: ROSIZO

Area: 385 sq.m.

Status: Concept + Project Documentation


Concept solution of the pavilion’s space is based upon the idea of ultimate unity of a visitor and grand space of the pavilion, which is impressive at its decorative grandeur, bold engineering and architectural solutions and monumentality of space. “Kultura” pavilion is a truly unique structure, which represents the wealth of Russian culture and history.

The aim of modern pavilion adaptation is to emphasize the historical grace, endue the pavilion with modern function and interaction, make it suitable for hosting modern exhibitions and installations, showing off unique art collections. The “Kultura” pavilion shall become a reflection and a symbol of our country’s newest path in the global trends of contemporary gallery exhibiting.

To reach this aim, the central space of the pavilion has been re-interpreted. The welcome-zone idea is to get rid of the possible barriers for a fast integration between a visitor and pavilion space, which is rich in historic decoration and exhibits. For this reason, we suggest setting up a glazed draft lobby, which will not distract visitors’ attention from art. It was also decided to get rid of a cash stand, which is a relic of the past in the world of modern digital technologies. Tickets for exhibitions will be available for purchase through a ticket vending machine; a possibility of introducing a system, innovative for Russian museums, is being considered – the one where you purchase ticket on the exit. Such solutions will help avoid the queues and provide extra exhibiting space. 

To the sides of the glazed tambour two zones are to be fixed: a wardrobe area for 150-200 places to the right, and a cafe-bar zone to the left. In the bar zone there are no seats, one can either have a drink at the bar, or continue on to exposition observation. 


Both the zones are solved in a minimalistic manner, applied materials are modern and reliable – plexiglas, matte glass, stone. Each zone is provided with LED-backlight, with dimming option. 

Two lightweight metal mezzanine structures are proposed in the central exhibition space, to set balconies to accommodate additional exposition. Such solution will provide a view from a different angle, from the second level. For installation demonstrations this will serve as a special “feature” of the space.

A gift shop is situated in the right part of the pavilion, in a hallway leading to a lateral exhibition hall. The shop itself consists of a minimalistic shelf for books and souvenirs display and a solid bookcase, with a hidden door to the warehouse. 

A staff zone, behind the bookstore, is secluded from the visitors’ zone. Administrative zone consists of a curator’s cabinet, a back-office for 2-3 working seats, a small meeting room. Office spaces are decided in a minimalistic manner, with modern furniture and facing materials applied.