Year: 2019

Location: Moscow, Lefortovo District


Area: 4 ha

Status: Under construction

Comprehensive landscaping project near Aviamotornaya metro station was developed as a part of the program "Accessibility of transport infrastructure" under the Department of capital repairs of Moscow. This program implicates complex reconstruction of yard areas, streets and public gardens in close proximity of major metro stations, soon to be included in interchange circuit of Moscow transport.


Our bureau was involved in design development of key territories near Aviamotornaya station. Among them: the public garden of M. I. Kalinina, the "Novy" public garden, and one of the most beautiful yards of the district to the address to Aviamotornaya 22/12. The territories are related in their Soviet industrial past, which we interpreted in our design.


Entrance stellas and combined flower beds - benches in Kalinina garden are of Corten steel, which aims to emphasize mechanical engineering past of this Moscow district. Corten steel is brutal-looking and suits well with the factory thematics. In the flower design of the square, we added cereals and perennials of scarlet shades, remembering the "red" communist past of our country and

M. I. Kalinin being one of its creators.


The area of Aviamotornaya 22/12 courtyard is organized by surrounding constructivist structures, innovative for the beginning of the XX century when they were built. We created platforms of geometrical shapes to reflect the avant-garde thematics of the surroundings in the layout. Recreating the historical fountain, at the request of the residents, was a major part of the reconstruction. The fountain was out of use for almost 30 years. 3D-scanning of its remains and studying the details helped reconstruct it in original shape and facing. The operating fountain shall become another good reason for residents to spend more time outdoors.


The "Novy" garden territory is situated close to the "Novaya" railway platform of Kazansky/Ryazansky destination of the Moscow railway. We thought through the pathway net of the the garden, added the necessary recreational zones, sports grounds and dog walking grounds. A big playground with educational equipment was fixed up at the residents' request. Benches of our design are set up in different parts of the garden.