Year: 2018

Location: Vyazniki, Vladimir oblast

Client: KB Strelka

Area: 1,1 ha

Status: Concept

Team: KB Strelka — Anton Ivanov, Anna Khandukyan; A4 — Sergey Markov, Aleksey Afonichkin, Anastasia Medvedeva

Original idea of the new stage and amphitheatre space was to create a key project with a rememberable and outstanding image. Emphasis in the project is laid upon the scene and its multi-functional use.  Scenarios happening at the spot named 'Scene_360' call up to give more freedom, activity and diversity into park and city's life. Amphitheater has a two-part structure: main rows for regular use, and a landscape amphitheater, used as an addition for festivals and big concerts. We slightly shifted the whole complex, broadening view boundaries of the old city’s panorama and the river’s valley, which become visible from the amphitheatre.



In winter space around the scene keeps on operating. A stationary ice rink can be fixed between the stage and the rows of seats. A tubing-run, declining down the slope into the ravine, and an indoors for rent and tubing payment can be fixed on the low level of the stage. In winter a food stall with warm drinks to-go could be placed at the rear end of the scene. A decorated new year’s fir tree, placed at the very entrance of the complex near the stage, would become a center of attraction. Awning stands can be adapted for street hanging decorations and additional illumination of the rink.



The observing platform stands on a small path, running from the amphitheatre complex and along the slope. Its deck ensues from the path trace. From up here an amazing view of the monastery and historical part of the city emerges. The small pavilion holds a cafe, suitable for birthday and wedding celebration, with the best view in town. On the platform in front of the cafe there's a shadowy resting zone among trees.




The existing boiler room - technical zone, is surrounded by a fence, fixed up with rails and concrete. One of its functions is access restriction. Young artists, originating from around town, placed their graffiti pieces on concrete parts of the fence, the railing is twined with ivy. 

The boiler room structure lurks behind the new bathroom pavilion, with banners placed directly on the building. The leaflets announce upcoming festivals, concerts and events. Bathroom pavilion is decided in a same way and shape as the main amphitheatre complex and the pavilion on the observing desk.




The alleys are paved majorly with granite slabs 300 x 100 mm. Places for rest comprise benches, designed space for people with limited mobility, refuse bins. Lighting of the main alley is fixed with lamps provided by Russian manufacturer Saros.