Year: 2018

Location: Leningrad Oblast,

Lembowskoje Lake

Client: YASNA-ecoclub

Area: 2 ha

Status: Concept

Town-planning idea foresees the development of the "Yasna" resort territory as a natural park concept, with most of the promenade zones and land-object for comfortable rest. Main ideas of the resort are – «clarity, purity, nature», referring to either cleanness of nature or people's feelings. It is a place where people arrive to turn aside from the city bustle and have a nice comfortable rest in quiet of a nature reserve. Specific landform affects dislocation of the main structures of the complex, its driveways and promenade routes.


Most elevated part of the territory is in the central zone, this site is planned to remain untouched. The driveway makes a curve along the relief around the central part of the developing landscape. Such decision allows save the landscape environment and the key view spots, which is definitely important for a nature reserve. On the entrance to the resort territory an old water-tower is stationed. The tower is designed to be reconstructed and turned into an interactive museum, dedicated to history of the surrounding land, with a view platform at the top level.


A distinguishing feature of the hotel complex is its dispersed arrangement on all of the close to the shoreside territory. The idea behind this decision was to dissolve the buildings into natural environment and have the landscape as intact as possible. Architecture of the buildings is Austrian chalet style. As for facing materials, facade is proposed to be of heat-treated timber and natural stone; ceramic tiles to be used for roofing. The complex consists of four volumes: inn, SPA complex, restaurant zone, view cafe. Summer dwellings on relief directly by the shore are also supposed to house hotel guests. It is a perfect resolution for those who would enjoy privacy, increased comfort and observing nature and beauty of the lake.