Year: 2017

Location: Moscow, Kutuzovsky Ave, 21

Client: Pioner Cinema

Area: 120 sq.m.

Status: Completed

Team: Sergey Markov, Aleksey Afonichkin, Aleksandra Barmushkina, Alim Balkarov, Andrey Orlov



The office of Pioneer Сinema and film company is situated on the ground floor of a multi-storey residential building, in a same-name movie theater. Residential house on Kutuzovsky Ave 21 was designed by architect Rosenfeld in 1947-56 in Stalinist Social Classicism style.

Office part is located between two symmetrical halls of cinema. The space is literally divided in two parts — one under the cinema hall seats, the other belongs in a non-residential part of the residential house, projecting to the yard with an oriel window.

Simple geometrical volumes and light monochrome colours prevail in the interior. Attention is drawn to functionality and efficient use of space. Natural materials and lightness of the space emphasize historical elements of the building and provide pleasant atmosphere for work.

Executive office

A small buffer space in the hallway between cinema lobby and historical oriel comprises a cozy kitchen for employees and a holding zone with comfortable furniture and lounge lighting.

To create comfortable office environment it was essential to provide distinct zoning of working spaces and install soundproof from the cinema hall above.

Visual effect compensating low-level ceiling adds to the nice atmoshphere.

Photo: Dmitry Chebanenko


ELITE interior #152 July/August 2019