Year: 2017 - 2019

Location: Moscow, Muzeon Park of Arts

Client: Gorky Park

Area: 710 sq.m.

Status: Completed


Main idea behind the Open-Air Cinema project was to create a multifunctional public space, which can adjust to any type of an event - whether big movie showings, lectures, public talks and meetings, thematic lessons or master classes. The space is indivisible into main and minor parts, as a whole living system. 

The design project involves developing an integrated complex, which includes the summer cinema itself (with gradual rise of every level and organising ergonomic backrests on the steps), a cinema ticket office and cafe pavilions. The cinema seats 250 visitors. From Krymskaya embankment the structure lurks behind the park trees.


The building site is placed in such way as to preserve all of the existing trees and bushes. 

Uplift of the amphitheatre is slight, the structure itself is permeable: fibreglass in cafe’s facing and woven wire mesh of stainless steel for fencing panels of the movie theatre (strong and durable material which does not require maintenance) help achieve ultimate dissolving into the landscape of the park and make the structure feel chamber.

The event area of the square accommodates a cafe, a ticket office and the movie theatre.

Timber is widely used in the pavilion facing: Thermo Ash plank for stitching the cafe canopies, and as a facing material for ticket office facades. 

The structures are joined by a pergola and stand on a single flat podium faced with terrace planks.  

Roof drainage system is ensured by hidden gutters, from the roof of the pavilion it is presented by chain drain. 

Screen columns form a comfortable lounge zone with street furniture for one of the cafe canopies. The screens can be veiled by climbing plants. Lounge zone is separated from cinema’s technical zone by a light permeable fibreglass partition. 

We thought of the summer platform as a single «living being», able to change and transform, adapt to current needs of a tenant or a cinema operator — Pioner Cinema.

Special «Beanpole» movie showing