Year: 2019

Location: Siargao island, Philippines

Client: Private investments

Area: 300 sq.m.

Status: Concept

Complex of the movie theatre includes a small cafe, a bar with a dancefloor and a terrace for yoga classes on the upper level. In the project we aimed to use local building materials, construction principles and applied bamboo and wood as constructive and facing materials.

The amphitheatre of the cinema accomodates 56 observing seats and 4 lounge spaces for big companies and couples. from the one facet the site adjoins a driveway. on that side of the structure, beneath the rows of the amphitheatre, a small inviting cafe with tables and a cinema ticket window are situated.

The first floor of the structure can be reached by a stairway either from the cafe or along the rows of the cinema. Space of the amphitheatre with a stage, considering the width of the rows and a platform on the upper level, can be adapted to DJ sets or party events.

At client's request we provided a step-by-step approach to object realization. The second level with a roof and a bar are erected on the second stage of construction, which allows to optimize primary building investments.