Year: 2016

Location: Moscow, Sokolniki Park

Client: Pioner Cinema

Area: 270 sq.m.

Status: Completed

Team: Aleksey Afonichkin, Sergey Markov, Andrey Orlov, Andrey Gurov, Anastasia Medvedeva, Murat Yandiev

The craft bar is situated in a quiet green corner of Sokolniki Park in a two-storey building that has to do with the summer cinema theatre "Pioner".


In design concept we interpreted scandinavian design theme, worked on transparency and fairness. Entrance hall and main kitchen (on the ground floor) are didvided by a perforated pellucid partition, which allows visitors peep the bar's cook-house. Anatoly Filatov is the famous chef of the establishment, who also runs "Pion" 's cafe cuisine on Kutuzovsky prospekt.


First floor houses the main room of the cafe and a large bar stand, which occupies central postition in the space. Panoramic glazing and fantastic view outside - of the rich tree tops and the summer screen (one is even able to sneak the movie showing), are amplified and complemented by a neat and calm natural interior.

Natural living materials, such as hand-formed clinker tiles, oak massif planks and larch planken, are altogether close to nature, author's beer, cuisine and "park cafe" concept.

The interior transmits a sensation of history of the place, as if the bar has been here for ever and contains a trace of time.



Many details and detached elements of the craft-bar interior are custom-made, which definitely adds to space's personalization and designs an individual look for the interior. Made-to-order positions help create a wholesome image of the interior, keeping its functionality and lead idea in order.


The staircase of perforated metal sheet, with a handrail and least of the balusters, seems to be floating on air. It emphasizes transparency and frankness of the space, friendly to meet its visitors. Perforated partitions enclosing the kitchen and perforated panels of the bar stand serve the same aim.

Photos: Ilya Ivanov