Year: 2015

Location: Moscow, Kutuzovsky Ave 21

Client: Pioner Cinema

Area: 170 sq.m.

Status: Completed


Pioner Bookstore is a multifunctional space suitable for either holding public talks, playing vinyl records or buying literary bestsellers. Practically a bookstore, it resembles more of a center uniting people.


Mild and modern interior attracts visitors, brings comfort and creates an atmosphere of partnership. Main principles of the space are lightness, modul, frame.


Base of a module is a transparent square cell of framework. The shelves create sculptural compositions of geometrical shape, some of the cubes distinguished or immersed. Compilation of modules varies depending on a particular functional use.


One of the most prominent interior details are light-boxes, filling the shelving modules with cold enclosed light.

Plywood book racks, on the contrary, are of a warm shade, and the combination of both provides a certain contrast to perception of the interior. Certain depth drops in shelving alter lightning and shape, which increases graphic vision of the space.

Photo: Ilya Ivanov