Year: 2015

Location: Moscow, Mytnaya 74

Client: Enclosed contest / GINZA Project

Area: 1,2 hа

Status: Concept

Team: Aleksey Afonichkin, Sergey Markov, Anastasia Medvedeva, Zhanna Dikaya, Angelina Yashkevich, Konstantin Tarabanov

We were invited to participate in an enclosed contest for renovation of an iconic platform in Moscow — the Danilovsky Market, held by a major and well-known Ginza Project Catering. Danilovsky Market was founded in 1963 on the spot of a market place which had existed since the XIII century. Architecture of the Market is a prefabricated cast-iron dome with entering sails, which form lancet arches (glazed afterwards). Authors of the project are architects Felix Novikov and Gavriil Akulov. Construction of the dome refers to the famous stadium, sports gym «Druzhba» in Luzhniki.

/ Manifest /

/ Story of a daily routine /

/ Inventory of structures /

/ City context /

/ Landscape study /

/ The Danilovsky phenomenon /

/ Existing urban space /

/ Space transformation /

/ Action platform /

/ Cell combinatorics /

/ Masterplan /

/ Storylines /

/ Development over time feature /