Year: 2016

Loctaion: Moscow,

Ulofa Palme street, 6

Client: Embassy of Angola

Area: 165 sq.m.

Status: Concept

Embassy of Republic Angola is situated on Ulofa Palme street 6, and has its own guarded territory. The embassy is a three story building of a postwar soviet modernism style, with its character figure volumetric brick facing.


On the one side of the building, directed to Mosfilmovskaya street, there is a concrete platform, adjacent to the entrance group with a peak over the admission. The platform is a base for the design project — a heated terrace for festive appointments and meeting, transformable and multipurposed space.

Level of the terrace is specified by the windows marked on the ground floor and the previously mentioned entrance group, situated close-by. The designed porch includes an open lounge-zone, turned to the surrounding trees near the facade. The secluded and shaded open-air space adds to the project diversity.

We suppose lightwells at the facade — to avoid spanning of the existing facade glazing. The lightwells also bring in additional lightning for the terrace.

We keep the glazed terrace and the entrance group (with flat roofing and drains to the side of the peak) apart, to avoid a complicated constructive joint. That way a curios space is formed — shaded by a pergola and suitable for a summer thematical exhibitions.

Panoramic glazing of the terrace is partially transformable, which allows to have an open pellucid main space and a bar stand in the lounge zone in the summertime. 

Architecture of the terrace is restrained and functional; the upper flat frieze of geometric pattern, going along the edge of the building, consists of small ceramic tiles, identical to volumetric brick facing of the building.

Central room of the terrace is of a regular prism volume and can be easily transformed depending on the format of the event — either a lecture, a conference, a festive meeting or a dinner. The main hall seats up to 150 guests.