Year: 2020

Location: Moscow Oblast, Village estate «Zapovedniy Bor»

Client: Private investments

Area: 85 sq.m

Status: Completed /

Concept + Project Documentation

Теаm: Sergey Markov, Alexey Afonichkin, Margarita Selkova, Anastasia Medvedeva, Ekaterina Mezentseva, Ksenia Maksimova, Anton Larionov, Valeria Pchelina

“Zapovedniy Bor” village estate is surrounded by a pine forest with clean air. All of the houses are built of wood, which correlates with lovely ecological environment of the location.


Picturesque landscape with tall pines inspired the idea for patio’s composition and image: small structures attached to one another, merge in a whole system with the scenery in a way where nature overrules the site. When we were starting with the project, a large county house of rounded timber beams, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, was already there. A patio intends to become a place for rest with friends and family, hosting bustling and joyful celebrations outdoors or a comfortable solitary space to concentrate.



Landscape becomes a part of the project — architecture serves as an intermediate segment between nature and domestic coziness. We treat the landscape carefully, delivering natural relief grades and keeping all of the surrounding trees. To avoid cutting trees down the volume of the building split in several parts: a guest bedroom, a utility block, a deck and a pergola. The patio ensemble remains conjoint, at the same time the trees pierce through the structure and become its part and dominant. The connecting platform faces inwards the site, while other parts of the patio situated by perimeter conceal it from the driveway and the parking.

A wall, facing the woods, dissolves in site’s landscape through the panoramic glazing. The large window and an exposing roof slope connect interior with the nature, removing the boundaries and expanding the space.

The bedroom can either be a private room to have a personal time of one’s own, or transform into airy common space when combined with the terrace. Built-in kitchen system in a wall niche on the terrace makes the process of holiday preparations highly comfortable and convenient. The pergola with awning canopy can fit a large round table for all the family members.

Design development of a small project calls for special attention to details. Combining a compact volume with infinite nature we transform petit into great. This way we create our small yet spacious patio.